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us on In▓stagramPlease scan the QR Code to foll▓ow us on Wechat4 children among 7 killed in Aust▓ralian mass shooting4 children among 7 killed in Austr▓alian mass shooting4 child


ren among 7 killed in ▓Australian mass shooting05-11-2018 17:0▓9 BJTSYDNEY, May 11 -- Seven people, including four children, have been shot dead in the ea▓rly hours of Friday morning, near the Margaret River area, some 270 km south of Perth in Western Australia.Western Australian Police C

ommi▓ssioner Chris Dawson said officers were called to a▓ property in a small town called Osmi

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ngton at 05▓:15 (AWST), were they made the gruesome discovery."T▓he loss of any life is tragic, four children and thr▓ee adults, this is a significant tragedy," he ▓said."It appe

ars that gunshot wounds a▓re there but I don't want to go fur▓ther than that as two firearms have b▓een located at the scene."At this stage, no further details ▓about the identity of the victims have been rel▓eased, however police did confirm they are not looking for a suspect.Detectives from the State▓'s Homicide Squad and Forensic Crime Scene Unit believe the tragic incident is lik▓ely to be a murder-suicide, making it the w▓orst mass shooting in Australia since 1996, when a gunman killed 35 in the Port Arthur Massacre.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the Q▓R Code to follow us on WechatMother's love

makes difference for children with blood disorderMother's love makes difference for children

with blood disorderMother's love ma▓kes difference for children with blood disorder05-09-2018 10:2

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0 BJTBone-marrow transplants remain prohibitive▓ly expensive for many people"Mom, I feel terrible. I don't want to die, please, I want the blood transfusion, please," a girl of age 6 pleaded with her sobbing mother.She had been diagnosed with thalassemia, a he▓reditary blood disorder that causes anemia, increases the risk

" said

of infection and, in severe cases, can lead to heart problems.Liu He

's own daughter was waiting for a transfusion when she met

the girl's sobbing mother at a hospital

in Chan▓gde, Hunan province,

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